Company Profile

Medicon Logic Healthcare Solutions, established in 1989, started specializing in providing Madigan Army Medical Center Healthcare & Harborview Medical Center Seattle staffing solutions to both private and county facilities. As the goal of helping the hospitals meet their shortage in labor pool is reached, equally, the demands of hospitals for Nurses started to increase. Following Desert Storm in 1990/91

we received an influx of seasoned veteran medical personnel who brought in real world experience to the company. Since then, however, we have greatly expanded our market and our healthcare agency services to include IT professionals, research and development as we create innovative medical products to solve complex problems and make a patents life more comfortable.

Leveraging over 32 years of experience finding medical solutions and creating innovative products

Professional team of IT Certified and Qualified Trainers

Certified & Seasoned Medical personnel

We are here to support your current or future medical staffing needs.

Core Competencies

We provide research assistance and training in all aspects of qualitative health-related inquiry including research design, standard practice protocols, focus group and interview data collection. Everything we do is HIPAA-compliant, with data transcription and translation a premium service, to include qualitative data analysis using the latest in QDA software, we can provide the solutions you are looking for.

At Medicon Logic Inc. we can help the physician in search of opportunities or hospitals or clinics searching for qualified licensed physicians to fill staff positions, Medicon Logic’s vast database of providers, access to hospital opportunities and decades of experience finding the right match makes us the first choice for providing a solution for you.

Working as a travel nurse program

Medicon Logic offers jobs all across the US. The main purpose of working as a travel nurse is to fill the shortage in the labor pool of the facility due to census fluctuation, staff training, or fluctuations in census.

Capability Statement

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Research and Development in Biotechnology (except Nanobiotechnology)
Temporary Help Services
Medical Laboratories

Registered Nurses

Respiratory Therapy
Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse
Medical Assistant/Medical Administrative
Nurse Assistant (Includes Nursing Aide, Orderly and Attendant)
Clinical Laboratory Science / Medical Technology
Surgical Technologist
General Clinical Technologists/Technicians – Phlebotomist


DUNS #: 117809-59


Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB)
Small Business Certified
MBE/DBE Washington Certified

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