CAPABILITY VIDEOS: The Better Way to Engage Government Buyers

Technology is constantly changing the way how we do things and how we communicate. This is also true in how we market our companies. In the government market, one of the biggest shift is how you engage government buyers or contracting officers.

In the last few years, the mobile shift has changed the entry point of how people engage information. Today, more people view information from their smart phone or tablets than from a computer or laptop.

As such, the old way of sending a capability statement to contracting officers is simply not enough anymore. You have to incorporate video into your marketing. Nowadays, you need to create Capability Videos so that your audience can better access information about your brand.


Capability Statement has been the old way of communicate your capacity to support agencies in the past. Today and moving forward, Capability videos may soon become the preferred choice for communicating with government buyers.

Without this method, you may be missing out on one of the more effective way of communicating your company’s capabilities to government buyers.

Here’s a Capability Video sample:


Picatinny small business office now accepting video capability statements


PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. — As marketers and media consumers have increasingly come to rely on videos and other visual forms of communications, Picatinny Arsenal’s outreach office for spurring growth among small businesses has taken note.

As such, the Office of Small Business Programs – New Jersey (OSBP-NJ) is now accepting video capability statements to serve as a new way – and potentially more effective method – for small businesses to market their capabilities to U.S. Army organizations.

A quality capability statement that captures and portrays what a small business could bring to the Army team could lead to great opportunities for the business, while also supporting the Army’s mission.

Capability statements have previously existed only in paper form. OSBP-NJ has strongly encouraged small businesses to produce and distribute these statements to assist in their marketing efforts.

Since the small business programs office serves as a conduit of communication between industry and government, video capability statements will be shared with your targeted audience. This sharing enables small businesses to showcase their capabilities and increase those critical opportunities to further describe and explain what a business has to offer.

We are not aware of any other Army procurement office that offers this new visual way of doing business, but we know that video can be impactful to viewers. Videos are known to be an effective way to deliver key messages to audiences in this competitive information environment.

The small business office continues to encourage the use of paper-based capability statements.

The mission of OSBP-NJ is to provide maximum practicable opportunities within Army Contracting Command- New Jersey acquisitions to Small Business, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, HUBZone Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business (8(a)), and Women-Owned Small Business concerns.

For additional details and/or video submission, please contact


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